Who We Are

We are the guys (and gals) that will step in to act as your in-house marketing department to
increase sales even during poor economic times.

To achieve your success we will create a marketing plan specifically designed to meet your goals.
In the plan we will utilize all or some of our services that include branding or re-branding, website development and promotion, and publicity.

If your company is ready to go to the next level, we are here to help you get there


Who Should Call Us?

We specialize in working with small to medium sized companies that do not have a marketing department. Some companies have a marketing person, but quite often this individual
doesn’t have any experience.

For much the same cost as an inexperienced marketing person you can have a team of
professionals working for you.

We will act as your in-house marketing and interact with other departments to seamlessly
implement the plan to drive business.


Who we are not

As a marketing company we do not make or take sales calls. We mention this because
many using the term “marketing” as an upscale synonym for “sales.” In fact, sales is part of the marketing function.

Our expertise is to increase the brand awareness of your company and product that will generate inbound calls. Our work will also soften the market for cold calls.